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Regional specialities and local products.

Provence offers  a multitude of flavours to be discovered through local specialities .

Olive oil
Tourtour still uses its original olive oil mill, one of the few with a paddle-wheel and a manual press. Around 40 tons of olives are pressed each year, producing an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality. Unfortunately there is no direct selling from the mill.
However different products derived from olive oil can be bought in boutiques in the village.

Provenšal vineyards are amongst the oldest to be found in France.
The quality and variety are various and plentiful. There is a choice of domaines to be found around Tourtour.

Different types of honey from the diversity of the flora of Provence, are to be discovered in beekeepers.

Goat Cheese
Authentic locally produced goat cheese can be bought either directly at the farm or at the local market.

The black truffle
The famous black truffle market takes place in Aups every thursday
morning from december to the end of feburary. There is also a special truffle day on the fourth sunday of january with tastings, exhibitions and conferences...